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My blog. Time to relax

It’s time to relax...

We all make excuses...

I don’t have the time, I’m too busy, I’m too tired & then we run on empty & wonder why we feel so bad, ill, run down & have completely lost all our mojo, when we crash & burn out!

Does this all sound familiar??

It’s so so important to keep a healthy balance & look after ourselves & way before we get to that stage, where it’s harder then to remove the stresses & strains we put upon ourselves.

Either way there is good news as for reflexologists we love nothing more than to rebalance, rewind, renew, restart, reboot, refresh, recharge the human being as we encourage the body to heal itself within, with your own healing properties with the release of homeostasis your own body creates through your treatment.

❤️ There is nothing more greater than seeing & feeling this transition take place, seeing the difference when one walks into your treatment room & how they appear on leaving ❤️

This is a treatment where you sit back, relax, maybe have a cheeky snooze, you simply do nothing yet at the same time you are doing everything!!

Such a wonderful non-invasive, deeply relaxing, beneficial treatment to give yourself.

This is the perfect season to start looking after oneself now, children are back to school & it’s time to look after YOU!! .

Be kind to yourself, you really deserve it.
Happy feet = happy you = happy family = happy life 🤩🌟

Don’t further delay, book your treatment today 🥰


Private healthcare plan

Did you know that you could be covered for your reflexology treatment if you have a private health insurance!

Some providers such as :~
*Uk Healthcare
*Health Shield
*Westfield Health
*Pure Benefits
*Sovereign Healthcare

So if you have healthcare insurance, it might be worth checking if it covers you & treat yourself for some relaxation & time out 🦶🏼👌🏼😍

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