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Merry Christmas! 🎄

19th December 2019

So I’ve shut up shop for the last time this year!
Goodbye till next year *2020*
I’m ready to enjoy Christmas now with the family.

I would like to thank all my wonderful clients for coming through my doors for Reflexology treatments. I have enjoyed getting to meet & treat you all.
Thank you for your loyalty since August 💗

Merry Christmas to all, I hope it’s wonderful for each & everyone of you! 🎄

I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year 🌟💛🌟

‘The Yard’ Burland. Nantwich x

My blog. Elixir

Facial Reflexology

09th December 2019

Zone Face Lift ~ Facial Elixir 🌟
‘Love at first drop...’

I wanted to tell you about the product I will be using on your facial reflexology treatments.

This *£75 gorgeous bottle which is amethyst crystal-infused not only lifts your face but your spirit!
It is a white poppy seed oil with Native American healing herbs. Including white sage, to cleanse and lift your spirit.
I shall no doubt be wanting to use this little beauty x

This exclusively from Ziggie Bergman, an award-winning Facial Reflexologist, expert in holistic anti-ageing and creator of the Zone Face Lift (dubbed the ‘spiritual facelift’ by a loyal following of beauty editors and celebrities), has created the world’s first sacred plant and crystal anti-ageing elixir.

After studying with Native American shamen and healers in New Mexico and seeing how the power of plants can heal the body and spirit, it has been her dream to apply this power to ‘rejuvenate the skin and beautify the face’.
As seen in many newspapers and magazines.

The result is a silky elixir that irons out wrinkles, repairs and lifts the skin and smudges the aura 🙌🏼

This addition to the benefits of your reflexology treatment through your face, is just pure magic! 🧖🏼‍♀️🌟


*The elixir can be purchased from my treatment room!

My blog. London

London Weekend ❤️

08th December 2019

My husband and I had a really lovely weekend away in London this weekend.
We had a lovely stay at my in-laws. They really looked after us!
On the Sunday I left the London School of Reflexology at Regents University, Regents Park, London with this little beauty.

So here it is, I’m so happy, I’ve finally got my Facial Reflexology certificate!

I’m so pleased I decided to go for this.
It took me a lot to decide to incorporate something different into my practice as I love treating all your tootsies but this has been something else and some...!!

Wow wow wow is all I can say 🤩😍🤩

I really can’t wait to introduce this new treatment to you. You’re so going to love this x


Private healthcare plan

Did you know that you could be covered for your reflexology treatment if you have a private health insurance!

Some providers such as :~
*Uk Healthcare
*Health Shield
*Westfield Health
*Pure Benefits
*Sovereign Healthcare

So if you have healthcare insurance, it might be worth checking if it covers you & treat yourself for some relaxation & time out x

Calling all Veterans & Spouses!

22nd November 2019

Tonight my hubby decided he’d like to return to his volunteering role for the Royal British Legion as he has missed it so much.
He volunteered as a caseworker in his spare time helping ex forces who struggle after being injured/leaving/retiring the forces.

Being ex Navy and Army himself he understands the position veterans are in and has huge respect for those who have served for their Country.

I myself have a younger brother who is still in the Army and has served 26 years!!
He has served many times in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Syria throughout his years. He has lost so many of his military family through war, injuries and suicide from severe PTSD.
That’s not including all the soldiers from his regiment who survived and have to live with their injuries forever.
He himself had been held hostage when he was a mere 17 years old.
I am grateful he is still with us. He is now a Captain.

I tell this as I know first hand how PTSD as well as many other factors they suffer can affect them in their normal everyday lives.

I would like to offer an unlimited discounted price of reflexology to any veterans that would like this treatment as I know how beneficial this could be.
So if you or you know of anyone who would benefit from this or would like to know more about this treatment please do contact me.
All my details are above on the top of my page.

Remember too that many health cover, insurances cover reflexology treatments. So if you have a health provider it’s worth contacting them. My website lists all the health providers that cover this treatment.

Reflexology can really help to support sufferers with PTSD as well as many other factors, by calming the nervous system down, giving the mental space to just be, a totally deep relaxation time, in a safe free zone. This can have a hugely positive impact.

Press articles:-

*Reflexology Offers Hope for PTSD and Other Conditions

*PTSD is not just everyday stress Reset the Body Through Reflexology By Paula Stone


My blog. Time to relax

It’s time to relax...

We all make excuses...

I don’t have the time, I’m too busy, I’m too tired & then we run on empty & wonder why we feel so bad, ill, run down & have completely lost all our mojo, when we crash & burn out!

Does this all sound familiar??

It’s so so important to keep a healthy balance & look after ourselves & way before we get to that stage, where it’s harder then to remove the stresses & strains we put upon ourselves.

Either way there is good news as for reflexologists we love nothing more than to rebalance, rewind, renew, restart, reboot, refresh, recharge the human being as we encourage the body to heal itself within, with your own healing properties with the release of homeostasis your own body creates through your treatment.

There is nothing more greater than seeing & feeling the transition take place, seeing the difference when a participant walks into your treatment room & how they appear on leaving.

This is a treatment where you sit back, relax, maybe have a cheeky snooze, you simply do nothing yet at the same time you are doing everything!!

Such a wonderful non-invasive, deeply relaxing, beneficial treatment to give yourself.

This is the perfect season to start looking after oneself now, children are back to school & it’s time to look after YOU!! .

Be kind to yourself, you really deserve it.
Happy feet = happy you = happy family = happy life.

Don’t further delay, book your treatment today!

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