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Reflexologist NANTWICH, Burland, Cheshire - Close to Audlem, Wrenbury, Malpas, Whitchurch, Crewe, Chester and surrounding areas.

Exciting news!!
*Healing Soles Reflexology re-opened on the 7th August 2020*

My Commitment to the Covid-19 Secure Workplace Policy - What does the AoR Covid-19 guidance include for myself and every client? Please 'Read Here'

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My name is Rhonda Robinson, I am a fully qualified and insured Clinical Reflexologist Practitioner. I specialise in Women's Health, from Reproductive Health and Fertility to Maternity and right through to Menopause. I am also a Baby Reflexology Instructor. I am situated in Burland, Nantwich in Cheshire. I’d like to welcome you to my website!

"Dedicated To Your Health & Well-being"

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a gentle non intrusive treatment based on the principle that there are areas and points on the feet, face and hands that replicate corresponding parts of the body.

There are over seven thousand nerve endings in the human foot and each of these has a reflex point that corresponds to a part of the body. When expert pressure is applied to these areas and points, it stimulates the movement of energy along the nerve channels which can help identify reflexes out of balance. It helps to restore homeostasis (balance) in the whole body, stimulating the body’s own natural ability to heal itself within, giving you the best possible levels of energy and bringing maximum benefits to your life physically and emotionally.

As reflex points are minute, the movements are quite precise and care is taken to cover all of them to ensure that the treatment is comprehensive and therefore a holistic treatment for the whole body.

With ever increasing levels of stress in our lives, Reflexology is an ideal means of reducing these pressures and anxieties and improving your whole wellbeing, which in turn improves your whole frame of mind...

Reflexology treatments may help to support you if you suffer from the following conditions, this is only a very small list of conditions, if you suffer with anything not listed below, please do get in touch. Please note: Reflexology does not diagnose or cure! It is a wonderful complimentary therapy which will support you.

  • Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Mental Health
  • Back pain, Any Muscular Skeletal Issues
  • Headache, Migraines
  • Neck pain, Shoulder Pain
  • Hayfever
  • Reproductive Health (PCOS, Endo/Andmetriosis, Fibroids, Cervicitis, Ovarian Cysts, Salpingitis, Vaginismus. Painful/heavy, Irregular or Absent Cycles...
  • Fertility (TTC)
  • Insomnia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Peri and Menopausal symptoms
  • Digestive problems such as IBS and constipation
  • Hormonal imbalances inc PMT, Painful/Heavy, Irregular or Absent Periods.
  • Lymphedema
  • Hyperthyroidism/Hypothyroidism
  • Skin rejuvenation (in Facial Reflexology)
  • Maternity/Pregnancy support
  • Improved circulation
  • Boosts the immune system

    Reflexology can be a very relaxing experience, you do not need to have a condition to enjoy this wonderful therapy; it provides the ultimate and wonderful way to de-stress, relax, rejuvenate and to just simply unwind. This in turn helps improve mood, sleep, balances hormones and relieve's tension, resulting in an overall sense of well-being.
    Reflexology can certainly benefit almost anyone from birth to palliative.

    Reflexology effects are cumulative, the full effects may not be seen until you have had four to six treatments. Everybody is unique and different you may only need one or two, treatments can be discussed and reviewed accordingly.

    Reflexology is recognised by many Doctors and Hospices and is regularly practiced within the NHS.

    Facial Reflexology & Hand Reflexology work in exactly the same way as Foot Reflexology. The face has two major advantages, firstly it works instantly (due to to the close proximity to the brain) and secondly it gives you a radiant and glowing complexion to your face.
    The hands can also provide a really wonderful treatment, ideal for those of you who prefer not to have your feet and face worked on.
    Just sit back in a reclined chair and take time out from it all for a bit of ‘me time’ and receive all the same benefits you would from the face and feet. :-)

    Prior to your Reflexology treatment a full consultation will be necessary in order to assess how I can treat you in the best way, providing you with your very own personal tailor-made treatment.

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  • Treatment room in Nantwich:

    My treatment room is based within a beautiful practice, situated in a peaceful, beautiful purpose built barn conversion in Burland, Nantwich. Located in the beautiful Cheshire Countryside, not far from Malpas and many other towns and villages.

    It is within short distances of Audlem, Wrenbury, Bickerton, Bulkeley, Whitchurch, Chorley, No Man's Heath, Bickley Moss, Tarporley, Tarvin, Beeston, Cholmondeley, Crewe, Chester, Bunbury, Malpas, Shropshire, Wrexham and across the border into Wales.

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    On completion of your Reflexology session you will be provided with a small aftercare gift bag as a little thank-you gesture! *Exclusive from Healing Soles Reflexology* provided to you at the end of your treatment.

    If you are looking for a Reflexologist in Nantwich or Reflexology in Malpas, Chester, Whitchurch, Crewe and surrounding areas, are new to Reflexology or simply need more information, please call or email me any time.

    Please call or text:- 07548626534 (click on logo at the top right hand corner of this page).
    Alternatively you can email me at: [email protected]

    When did you last feel amazing?
    Reflexology might just be what you need but don’t take my word for it, please see my testimonials on my about me page... x

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    Tiny Toes Baby Reflexology and Massage

    Come along and join a class where you will learn some amazing reflexology techniques and full body massage for your baby 💕

    Due to the current situation that we are in, until we can be in class again. I will be moving my classes online!
    From the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you and baby.

    Also available are 1:1 appointments where you and your baby will get sole undivided attention!


    Please email: [email protected] for any information you may require or ring directly on: 07548626534 (click on logo at the top of the right hand corner of his page).

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    *Please tap on the image below to take you straight to the Tiny Toes Reflexage page for more information about these classes.

    Useful "What is Reflexology?" Video:

    Please click on the images below to explore some interesting ‘foot and hand’ maps:

    Foot map:-

    Hand map


    Welcome back!

    What to expect at your next appointment:

    These are some of the few changes that have been implemented;

    (Please note: These may very well change as guidelines are regularly changing. I will keep you updated).

    *Prior to your appointment date, I will ring you 24 hours beforehand to go over a covid-19 risk assessment questionnaire, (this should take approx 5 minutes). For new clients this will be along with a consultation (this will take longer).

  • On arrival to your appointment please could you wait outside the main door of the building for me, as there will no longer be a waiting area at this present time. There is a sanitiser dispenser on the outdoors wall on the left hand side, (next to the main door) if you wish to sanitise your hands before you enter. Or you may wish to hold on and I'll ask you to wash your hands with soap and water in my therapy room before you sit down.
    I will be opening both the main and treatment room doors for you. (You won't have to touch a thing!)

  • Please could you wear a facemask/covering, don't worry if you forget as I will have some spare in the treatment room (for a small fee of £1).

  • Please could you bring your own bottle of water with you, (I am unable to offer this at present. Fluids are a must for you :-)). You may wish to bring a cardigan if you get too cool during your treatment.

  • When you arrive for your treatment, I will have a small plastic box with a lid for you to place your belongings in i.e jacket, shoes/socks, keys, purse, phone etc.

  • Appointment times will be for 1 hour maximum in the treatment room due to the new protocols, with 30 minutes afterwards being required for the room to be thoroughly stripped, myself included! ;-) deep cleansed, sanitised, aired and dried, the window and doors open for maximum ventilation, before any new client can enter the room.

  • Upon your arrival for appointment, there will be individually wrapped tissues, fresh new linen waiting, i.e. sheet, blanket and towels just for you. These will be put in a concealed box on completion after each and every treatment.

  • I will ask you to sign your forms (from the questionnaire/consultation etc. the day before) and you can pop these forms with the pen in a plastic wallet provided for you.

  • I am going to try and avoid cash payments, therefore I encourage you to pay upfront, if you are unable to I can offer contactless card payment if necessary.
    The same will be for re-booking, I won't have my diary in the therapy room, therefore re-booking can also be made online. Don't worry if you only have cash as you can pop this into the plastic wallet with your forms and pen.

  • Before you leave the room, there is a sink for you to wash your hands with soap and water again, along with a fresh new towel.

  • I will open both the doors for you on your departure.

  • I am hoping this mitigation process of hygiene and reassurance brings a level of comfort to you, despite all these Covid-19 procedures in place. I wish you to have a wonderful relaxing experience in a safe haven!.

  • I will of course message you the day before your appointment to remind you and if there is any other/new updates implemented along the way.

    I am really looking forward to seeing/treating you and making you feel wonderful again. :-)


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